World Changers On-Air Hosts & Segments:

Anita Casalina, Co-Host
Anita is the founder and director of the Billions Rising Foundation and also the co-creator of World Changers.

Marcellus Wiley, Co-Host
Marcellus was an NFL superstar for 10 years. He now co-hosts several sports talk shows on ESPN in addition to sitting next to Anita in our World Changers studio.

Bianca Cook, “Out and About with Bianca” Segment Host
As an actress and model, Bianca can be seen on magazine covers, in commercials and on catwalks around the world.

Jon Swartz, “Tech for Good” Segment Host
Jon is USA TODAY’s award-winning technology reporter and a Pulitzer Prize nominee. He’s also an author and regularly on NBC-Bay Area’s Press:Here technology show.

Demetrius Jones, Esq., “Law and Empowerment” Segment Host
World Changers entertainment attorney, creative consultant for the hit Raising Whitley airing on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network.

Amir Talai, “Philanthropist Spotlight” Segment Host
Amir is a comedian, film and television actor with recognizable roles in such hits as Harold and Kumar, What to Expect When You’re Expecting and The Pursuit of Happiness and many others.

Pamela Hawley, “Sustainability Minute” Segment Host
Founder and CEO of award winning nonprofit, UniversalGiving, winner of a Peace Prize and attends events at the White House regularly.

Francine Bianco Tax, “What to Watch” Segment Host
Francine is an film and television actress as well as a regular guest host on the QVC and SNL.

Grace Ng, “Young People Will Save the World” Guest Host
This exciting segment is the only one that has a rotating host every episode.

Dave Stoelk, Special Correspondent
Dave is a 16 time Emmy award winning television reporter. He is also a writer and producer.

Karen Firsel, Chicago Correspondent
Karen has produced and appeared on Oprah, CNN and CNBC. She is now an on-air correspondent on the OK! Magazine TV show.