At Billions Rising, we are working to celebrate today’s true trailblazers: the people all over the world who are working to eliminate poverty sustainably, by helping people to help themselves.

Today’s mainstream media news has become a tabloid wasteland. It bombards us with serial tragedy and meaningless trivia, and leaves us feeling drained and powerless to effect change. It is an anachronism begging to be replaced with a better model.

With Billions Rising Television, we have created that model. We present positive, incisive coverage of the people who are creating the solutions to poverty — and to our world’s most vexing problems. This is the real news, these are the real heroes, and these are today’s real stories.

People want to see positive news, instead of calamity and sensationalism. The runaway popularity of our blog, bestselling book, and radio show are clear proof of that. Your gift helps support this work, and guarantees that Billions Rising will continue to thrive and produce relevant, constructive programming.

Remember, because of our strong relationships in the television production community, we are able to produce first-quality news programming for less than $900 per minute. That’s a fraction of what shows like this typically cost, meaning your dollars will go a long way. Not a penny of your tax-deductible donation will go to waste.

Give today, and become a part of the Billions Rising family.
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