Anita Casalina, Host, Executive Producer and Founder of Billions Rising Foundation

Anita Casalina has always been drawn to telling stories about peace and prosperity around the world. She has made educational films for Physicians for Social Responsibility, Friends of the Earth, Foster Parents Education, and other non-profit organizations.

After completing the best-selling book, Billions Rising, Empowering Self-Reliance, she has continued to seek out and publicize the stories of innovative and dedicated people and organizations who are creating sustainable solutions to poverty. She believes that a new paradigm for philanthropy has been born; one that respects the dignity of those who have lived in poverty, allowing them to have the strongest voice in expressing what they truly need. Since much of this work goes unreported in the media, it is Anita’s goal to continue to spotlight efforts of the remarkable visionaries who work behind the scenes, making a difference that is permanent and uplifting for all of humanity.

That’s the overriding goal of Billions Rising Television, and Anita’s personal mission in life.